Vespa Rally  50th Anniversary Celebrations

In 2015 we held a “Memorial Carlo Merlo” to celebrate the Piaggio Sei Giorni gold medallist. This was a weekend event which combined a Vintage Run and the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Vespa Gran Sport, which attracted GS owners from Italy and abroad (Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia and Serbia).

In 2018 we are repeating the formula : the “Gran Circuito del Sestriere” will be flanked by the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Vespa Rally, which was launched in 1968, as an“upgraded” G.S. which could satisfy the tastes of discerning “Vespisti” of the sixties and seventies.


 The “Rievocazione” of the “Gran Circuito del Sestriere”, 300 km up and down alpine roads and five high altitude passes (among which the legendary “Colle delle Finestre” ),will be held on the 6th and 7th of July, while the “50 anni di Vespa Rally” celebrations will start on Saturday 7th and end on Sunday 8th with an International Vintage Rally under the aegis of the Registro Storico Vespa.

The Rally model’s  anniversary celebration begins with the unleashing of its sporting spirit. Participants who enter the “50 anni di Vespa Rally “ event have three “serious rider options” (one is free !)  for Saturday 7th, all connected to the 2018 Gran Circuito del Sestriere (see the English page on for full details):

  • For the first time in Grand Circuito history, they can also apply and run the timed event (120 euros), with full guest kit, en route refreshments and meals included, and be awarded rankings and prizes in an exclusive Vespa Rally category
  • They can apply to enter and run the Gran Circuito event in “Tourist Mode” (120 euros), with  Touring kit, en route refreshments and meals included,  but no time checks and no rankings. Those who complete this “untimed run”  will be awarded a certificate (“brevetto”)
  • They can follow the run as private tourers: no entry fee, no guest kit, no en route refreshments, no meals. Private tourers may however buy extra meals tickets and join the rest of the riders in Friday evening appetizers and in the Saturday Gala dinner and prize-giving.

Those who enter the “50anni di Vespa Rally “ event  may choose a less hectic Saturday: a visit to the colourful town market in the morning and guided tours in the afternoon from 4,30 PM. The afternoon will end  by meeting in the Market Square to welcome the arrival of the participants of the Gran Circuito  and to ride  the parade (“Giro d’Onore”) with them.

On Sunday 8th July, the Vintage Rally Meet (“Raduno Storico Internazionale”) will take place in the Town Square, in front of the Town Theatre and Town Hall. The morning will kick off with “caffé e cornetto” in nearby cafes. The Rally models with then be lined up for the general public and commented by renowned experts. Around 11 AM, we will leave Pinerolo for a 60 minute  trip up and down the sorrounding hills and arrive at a surprise destination for the Gala Lunch and prize-giving.

We are quite confident that a great time will be had by all !


Application Forms

You can download two versions of the application form. Both are editable and you can save and send them  with no printing involved. The form will accomodate allication to the “Gran Circuito  del Sestriere”, to the “50 anni di Vespa Rally” or to both.

Entrants to both events wil be presented with a complimentary gift of local wine and food.

Application form.pdf

Application form.doc

“Gran Circuito del Sestriere” and”50 anni di Vespa Rally”



The main event is the “Rally Rally” on sunday 8th july, but, if you manage to come to Pinerolo one or two days earlier, you can start celebrating  immediately !

Friday, 6th July

Pinerolo, Piazza Vittorio Veneto,  in front of the town theatre (Teatro Sociale)

  • • 3 PM:  Signing up, registration, collecting guest kit, scrutineering
    • 4 PM:  Guided tours
    • 7.30 PM:  Event Clerk’s Office closes
    • 8.30 PM: Evening appetizers and snacks together with the riders who have entered the “Gran Circuito del Sestriere”, at San Pietro Val Lemina, “Salone Polivalente” (meal ticket 15 euros)

    Saturday, 7th July
  • 6.30 AM – Midday : For  “50th Anniversary” participants who would like to follow (part of) 300 km route undertaken by the drivers in the “Gran Circuito del Sestriere”  detailed maps will be available and basic information will be supplied  at the starting point of the Gran Circuito   in Pinerolo,   Stadio Olimpico del Ghiaccio ( Olympic Ice Rink) Via dei Rochis.
  • 4 PM :  Event Clerk’s Office reopens  at 4PM in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, in front of the “Teatro Sociale” for further
    signing up, registration, collecting guest kits and scrutineering
  •  5 PM : Guided tours
  • 6  PM : Gran Circuito del Sestriere arrives  
  • 7  PM: “Giro d’Onore” – Vespa parade 
    • 9 PM “Gran Circuito”  Gala Dinner and prizegiving at  “Salone Polivalente”, Piazza Piemonte , in San Pietro Vallemina (meal ticket 35 euros)


Sunday, 8th July 

Pinerolo, Piazza Vittorio Veneto,  in front of the town theatre (Teatro Sociale)

  • 9 AM  Signing up, registration, collecting guest kit, scrutineering, complimetary “caffè e cornetto”
  • 10.30 Tour 
  • 12.30 Gala Lunch at the “Forte di Fenestrelle” ( the Ialian “Great Wall”) , awards and tearful goodbyes (read “BIG NEWS” below)